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Affordable Housing Workshops

The Columbia County Housing Needs Assessment suggested focusing affordable housing development in the population centers of Berwick and Bloomsburg. Emphasizing these areas, an affordable housing workshop series will be organized. The workshops will be open to elected officials, municipal staff, nonprofit organizations, private developers, rental property owners, and advocates. The purpose of this workshop series will be to:

  • Develop local knowledge and common understanding around affordable housing needs and tools

  • Identify and map specific locations for housing development opportunities (including rehabilitation and new construction) 

  • Identify specific barriers to creating more affordable housing (i.e. zoning restrictions or environmental concerns)

  • Design creative solutions to address the county’s affordable housing needs

  • Develop aligned relationships among partners to collaboratively implement solutions

  • Identify resources that are available to address local housing needs

  • Prepare a development plan and funding plan

  • Develop the capacity of local leaders to address affordable housing needs

  • Cultivate political support to address affordable housing needs

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