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Regional Arts Council

A new regional arts council will be formed, serving Columbia and Montour counties, to create a flourishing arts community by educating, engaging, and supporting artists, arts organizations, and their audiences. The arts council will work toward creating a thriving arts community where:

  • A variety of local art is visible in schools, businesses, and public spaces throughout Columbia and Montour Counties

  • Local residents are aware of and excited about opportunities to participate in art activities and events

  • Local businesses and municipalities recognize art as a driver of economic sustainability, community cohesion, and an enriched quality of life for all

  • Children and teens have opportunities to learn about, practice, and share art

  • Visitors can easily find opportunities to participate in art activities and events

  • Artists have access to opportunities to connect and collaborate, sufficient resources to focus on their work, professional development to strengthen their skills, and opportunities to consistently promote their work

The goals of the arts council will be to:

  • Increase the visibility of the arts in Columbia and Montour Counties and create opportunities for residents to participate in the arts

  • Advocate for the importance of art in the community 

  • Ensure local artists have access to resources to support their work

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